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Where are the Aussie Films at?

21 Apr

I know this may seem obvious to some, but I’ve only just realised how poorly video rental stores and dvd retailers are at stocking good ol’ Aussie films. When I tried to rent some Australian movies at Network Video yesterday they were scattered around the store – not Australian Cinema section – and most had been not returned (presumed stolen) and not replaced. I find this disappointing.

Also yesterday I went into JB Hi-Fi looking for Japanese Story to buy. I found, after asking a staff member, an Australian (and New Zealand) cinema section, stuck at the end of the World Cinema Section. It was waaaaaay below my eye-level and difficult to find as it was such a small section. However, I’m pleased Aussie Films have a section at all. Nonetheless, the range of titles in this section were lacking; they had the classics; Strictly Ballroom, Priscillia – Queen of the Desert, and Gallipoli of course – but not a very big supply. Of course i understand that you can simply order in many Aussie Film titles through a stores website or instore; but that’s not the point. Aussie films aren’t given enough shelf space anyway. The section i saw in JB Hi-Fi barely took up a 1/5 of one shelf. Just disappointing.

Highlight of the day though was JB Hi-Fi actually had Japanese Story in stock, so i got to buy it and plan on watching it after uni 🙂 yay! It ties in well with my presentation topic for Week 10: SBS, Austral/asia, Multiculturalism.

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